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Travelling on the road for long periods of time means the washing piles up! With such good weather in Australia, we feel it is often a shame to use the dryers at a campsite or laundromat when the sun is shining down and the fresh air is ready to do the job for us. Letting your clothes dry naturally on the line is also better for your wallet, better for the environment and overtime will lessen the wear and tear on your wardrobe!

This is where the Hills Retractable Clothesline comes in! It is a highly flexible and space saving drying solution suitable for any camping set up, small outdoor spaces, garages and balconies.

Its features include:

- Unique loop system to double the line

- 15m single line length

- Robust line that holds up to 10kg

- Swivel bracket which enables the line to exit at any angle up to 180 degrees for installation flexibility

- Lifetime warranty

We also paired the clothesline with the Hills Bamboo Basket which collapses down for easy storage in the campervan. We have wrapped the clothesline around our awning but you can be as creative as you like and a nearby tree will do!

You can purchase your own Hills Home products at the Bunnings website or visit the Hills Home website for more details.


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